About Us

​​​The Office of Systems Equity oversees the planning and implementation of Kentucky's digital equity plan. Together in partnership with the Office of Broadband, the offices will develop a statewide plan for achieving digital equity goals and closing the digital divide. Kentucky's Digital Equity Plan will serve all Kentuckians with an aim to promote meaningful adoption and use of high-speed internet service, with a special emphasis on: 

  • ​Individuals who live in low-income households
  • Aging Individuals
  • Justice-Involved Individuals
  • Veterans
  • Individuals with disabilities
  • Individuals with a language barrier
  • Individuals who are members of a racial or ethnic minority
  • Individuals who primarily reside in a rural area. 

As part of this planning process, the State's Digital Equity planners in collaboration with the Office of Broadband have established a core advisory group. This core group spans not only across five regions of the state (Northwest, Northeast, Central, Southeast, Southwest) but brings individuals with lived experience and nonprofit leaders with proven backgrounds in championing digital equity and inclusion at local and regional levels. 

For more information and to get involved, please contact Kevin Lindsay, Office of Systems Equity Manager at kevin.lindsay@ky.gov​ or​ 502-782- 4651.