KY Map of Targeted Populations​

​​​​​​​​Instructions for KY Map of Targeted Populations

The map can be switched between Census block groups and counties and filtered to show data for the following groups: 

  • Individuals who live in low-income households
  • Aging Individuals
  • Justice-Involved Individuals
  • Veterans
  • Individuals with disabilities
  • Individuals with a language barrier
  • Individuals who are members of a racial or ethnic minority
  • Individuals who primarily reside in a rural area 

​Click on any of the covered population groups in the upper left corner to filter the map for that group.  Once the map has been filtered, click an individual Census block group/county to see data for each of that area’s targeted populations.

The legend in the lower left corner will update for each targeted population group. Darker colors indicate higher concentrations for a group, while lighter colors indicate lower concentrations.

Click the magnifying glass in the upper left corner to enter an address and see data for targeted populations in that area.
Next to the magnifying glass icon, the Layer List can be expanded to show different geographic boundaries, such as Local Workforce Areas (LWAs), Area Development Districts (ADDs), and county boundaries.  Each of these sets of boundaries can be turned on/off by clicking on them.

You can zoom in or out to explore data for different areas of the state by clicking the +/- buttons in the lower right corner.  Click the home button to return to the default map view.